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YouTube Vanced is one of the most popular moded versions of YouTube. It comes with some interesting features such as Ad-free, Background video playback, dark themes and much more. For your information, features of Vanced Youtube are same in all versions but there's a small difference with the non-rooted devices. In here, you can view the complete installation guides, latest features and download links for both rooted and non-rooted Android devices.

Those fellows who desire more features or else functions can install this dedicated application on their Smartphone or Tablet. In fact, Vanced YouTube is a tiny app contained a heap of new performances and features. Everyone knows it as the modified edition of common YouTube. However, throughout the newfangled utility, users capable to block advertisements, background playback plus further interesting features. It is great having an ad-free version of the YouTube on your Smartphone. It is totally safe in the stand of the official YouTube supporter which just installed recommended features.

iYTBP as YouTube Vanced

A few months back, the same app was introduced as injected YouTube Background Playback developed by well-known XDA member Master_T. But in the recent times, it has been taken and renamed as YouTube Vanced as a new project by developers namely @ZaneZam, @Razerma, @KevinX8 and @Laura Almeida.

Anyhow, it seems the concept of the team Vanced born with the inspiration of Xposed Module which directed to YouTube Playback. The creator of the previous iYTBP scratched each and every single functionality from the Module. Thus, there is no any difference between the two separated tools as there is no doubt that all features have been perfectly injected. The reason behind that Master_T draw and apply to very own creation was at that time, Android Nougat was just a testing operating system to be launched to the public. Thankfully, there are two options for users with root and non-root status. But there are no more than a couple of differences between two dedicators.

Vanced YouTube with New Features

  •  Note that this is not the premium version of YouTube
  •  Background Playback
  •  Toggle to block all ads
  •  Override Maximal Resolution
  •  Force VP9 or else vice versa
  •  Pinch to Zoom any Smartphone model
  •  Toggle Themes (While, Dark, Black)
  •  Casting Togglable
  •  Auto Repeat
  •  PiP – Picture in Picture mode for Android Oreo
  •  Preferred Speed and Resolution
  •  Swipe controls for Brightness and Volume
  •  Select new or old Window style

Download YouTube Vanced

Download the latest versions of Vanced Tube APK for Magisk root, rooted and non-rooted Android devices from the below downloading links.

Non-root Devices

It is really great through your Smartphone or the Tablet has no root permission but still capable to deal with Vanced Tube Apk. In addition to the utility, the user has been requested to set up MicroG kit. Otherwise, you will not permit to log in. So keep in your mind that the vanced apk is the package that available for non-root devices.

Root Devices

There is no doubt that user with root permission can perform whatever feature or an app without permission of the manufacturer. Thus, when you desire to settle Vanced, you have to download files that recommended and flash. Keep in your mind that it is important to settle TWRP on your handset which rooted before apply Vanced YouTube installer.

Magisk Root

This is an exceptional edition that precisely arranged to function through Magisk. Therefore, those who interested this package should download and set up YouTube Vanced Magisk module by way of Magisk repo.

How to Install YouTube Vanced App

  • Install MicroG APK on your Android if you wish to log in with your current YouTube account
  • Download YouTube Vanced APK from the above download section
  • Install the APK on your smartphone
  • Download official installer from the "root" page
  • Select the appropriate Vanced APK version for your smartphone and the second theme that you need to install
  • Move downloaded APK to /sdcard/Downloads or into the installation zip
  • Uninstall all the updates of YouTube and disable auto-update from the Play Store
  • Now, flash the installer in TWRP
  • There are three ways to install YouTube Vnaced via magisk
  • The first, simple and most recommended way is to install the application via magisk repo
  • The second method is to go through "Install via magisk.plz" or enable magisk from the root installer >
  • The final method is to use the magisk module which provided inthe download section

Note: In order to download YouTube Vanced on your Android smartphone or tablet device, you need to uninstall YouTube updates and disable auto-update features in the Play Store. The latest update of YouTube app will overwrite the system files of Vanced Tube so even if the installation process went successfully, you will not see it.

Vanced Manager

Vanced Manager is an APK that handles YouTube Vanced and YouTube Music Vanced. Created by "Team Vanced," it enables easy updates, installations, and removals with just one click. Featuring a user-friendly interface, it eliminates the requirement for risky downloads. Vanced Manager is a third-party app that isn't available in official stores. To install it, download the Vanced Manager APK from our website and follow the provided steps.

Clarification of the Options with the Official Package

  • With ytva
    1. MAGINSTALL - As an alternative of the root set up, apply magisk module application
    2. SEARCHFOLDER - Throughout this, you can search iYTBP Apks
    3. DETACH - Go to the Google Play store and disconnect YouTube to force update notifications
    4. UNINSTALL - Use this to completely remove iYTBP on your magisk module/ detach module or root version
    5. ATTACH - Network YouTube to the Play Store if you have been formerly detached

  • With ytva plz files
    1. ytva_install_via_magisk.plz - You can use magisk module installation apart from root installation
    2. ytva_uninstall.plz - Remove iYTBP entirely
    3. ytva_detach_from_playstore.plz - Simply disable update notifications by detaching the YouTube from the Google Play

Known Bugs

  • Buying stuff through the Vanced YouTube non-root version may causes crash the app. Use the official YouTube app if you want to buy things
  • The original quality and speed may not work for playlists (Still trying to find a better solution)
  • Accounts dialog, Share windows and Live chats are not themed (Will be fixed in the near future)
  • ExoPlayer version 2 may cause crashing when coming back from the background playback on some Android device models

Vanced YouTube F.A.Q

Q: Where is the normal (White) APK?

A: White hasn't gone or deleted. It is included in both versions and you can choose the alternate theme you like for night time and etc.

Q: How to Install the latest Updates?

A: Download the latest versions from our site and install them as you normally would

Q: Do I need to re-install detach script for every new update?

A: No way

Q: Can I install Vanced Tube APK as I usually install other APK's

A: Yes, it's possible but only for the non-root version

Q: Installation was successful but the YouTube app does not appear in the app launcher

A: You haven't used the latest version of Magisk or Installer. Note that this only valid for Android Oreo

Q: Is "Crop to fit" option working with Galaxy S8 and S8+?

A: Yeah sure. It's working with the rooted version but currently not support non-rooted version because the package name has changed. No worries, the feature named "Pinch to Zoom" will do the same functionality

Q: Does History works?

A: Yes. Just make sure that you have whitelisted "" in the Ad-blocker that you're using. Also, non-root users need to make sure that not to use brand account because of the MicroG bug.

Q: Does PIP mode still works?

A: Yes, but only with Android Oreo

Q: Is background playback option downloading the video?

A: No. After you play videos in the background, it only downloads the audio.

Vanced YouTube : Disclaimer

Keep in your mind that there is no other way like Vanced Tube to bring amazing features there. Root, non-root and Magisk are the three optional suggestions that anyone can set up in accordance with their status. Throughout separated packages, you can become a member as we clearly clarified. It is up to you to gain everything through a single app while the common YouTube app is complicated and inconvenient at some occasions. Thus, enjoy being free with ad blocking and background playback features. In accordance with the developer’s description, the app or the module has not the download option yet. But it will add to the list of options as soon as possible. But, it is glad having the offline video feature for a better use. So just install YouTube Vanced APK and feel advanced simply with few clicks. There are some certain options and features that cannot encounter in every YouTube Magisk installation such as Picture in Picture mode that we often call PiP which only available in Oreo.

Credits for Vanced Tube

However, credits of developing such a huge application go to iYTBP developer and the team Vanced for their dedicated support for the concept and a public tool to set up on Android such an advanced approach. Meet the trendy YouTube app with amazing features.

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