Privacy & Cookies Policy

This privacy and cookies policy is responsible for processing personal data which is accessed by using the web site The data which is collected through the website shall be processed as personal data by us and obliged to secure them using technical and organizational strategies. Your personal data is highly secured and we have followed all the available measures to guarantee the security and integrity of personal data we are collecting through the website. Due to the higher security, we have implemented no data loss, third-party access, alternations may occur. Please read our privacy and cookie policy to have a better understanding of personal data collecting, handling and security. At the moment of visiting the site, you agree with the policy which regulates your personal data or "Personally identifiable information"(PII) and also it indicates that you have read the policy and understood it.

How Do We Collect Information

Currently, there are a number of ways to collect personal data. But our website does not use all of them. We use only a few methods which are most suitable and highly reliable. As methods, we use site visitings, cookies, Links, Embedded content, log files and advertising to collect information.

Cookies - A small data file which is sent to user computer by the website via the user's web browser. It helps to enhance the user experience by offering what visitors want based on previous site visits.

Links - Occasionally, the site may contain links to third parties and you may navigate to those links if you click on them. Your data will not be collected by them unless you visit them. Our privacy and cookies policy only covers your behaviours on our site and we cannot take the responsibility of your behaviours on third parties. So, we encourage you to read the privacy and cookies policy of each website you visit.

Embedded Content - We are using embedded contents from other information providers and they may use cookies to collect your information. Make sure to read the terms and condition before consuming the content.

Log Files - We use log files to analyze how you use our website. This information is stored on third-party servers and occasionally it may be shared with third-parties to personalize the site. We are neither collecting nor share your IP addresses or log IP addresses.

Advertising - Advertising includes Ad-serving and Affiliate Advertising. Under ad-serving, we are displaying our own ads and ads from third parties based on information collected through your site searches or site visits and third-party information. As participants in Affiliate Advertising, we include links from third parties and gain revenue. Affiliate partners use cookies to gather the information about your interests. We cannot control them.

Why Do We Need Your Information

Your information is very necessary to improve the functionality of our site and add new features to it to serve you better. It helps us to assume the quality of our site and conclude the most suitable improvements to the site.

Who do we share your Personal Information with

We would like to thoroughly emphasize that we do not use your information for any financial advantages or monetary gains. But in some cases, we share your information with trusted third-parties when they have requested them standing on a reasonable matter. As examples, advertisements purposes and optimizing the site can be mentioned. When your data is shared with other parties, we follow inflexible and hard rules in order to keep your data secured. We present them a list of instructions along with privacy and cookie policy and require their consent before share and process data with them. In addition to these security steps, we take all the necessary actions and relavant security actions occasionally.

What Are Cookies And Why Do We Use Cookies

Technically, Cookies are explained as a piece of data which is given to a web browser by a web server to store in computer hard disk. The main function of cookies is identifying a specific user and provide information that is specific to him when visiting a website. When you visit a website which uses cookies, it sends data which you enter occasionally on the website to your Web browser and keeps it saved on the computer. The web browser sends the stored data package (Cookie) to the relevant web server in next time you log the same website. In every time you request the same webpage from the same webserver cookie is sent to the web server by web browser. Since the web server does not have a memory power and cookies are the faster and simple way to approach a specific user by storing data on computer hard disk via a web browser. There are several available cookies by now and we use a few of them to enhance user experience and make it faster. We have selected the most suitable and efficient cookie types to deliver a better experience. However, you are fully dominant to configure your web browser to accept or reject the cookies we are offering. Generally, disabling cookies may lead to the improper function of a website. But, not all the features on a website are governed by cookies. As other related websites, we use cookies to collect data on site traffic and site interaction to improve site features and related tools to give site visitors a better and useful experience in future.

Cookies We Are Using

Necessary cookies - We use these cookies to the proper functioning of the site and apps we have provided. In simple words, necessary cookies allow you to visit our site and apps we have provided on our website.

Functionality cookies - Functionality cookies help our site to function properly and helps us to identify the deserved section to improve on the site.

Performance Cookies - Performance cookies are very compulsory to us since it helps us to count the visitors to our sites and their behaviours around the site. It is a priceless help when deciding the improvements and features to the site in future

Targeting or Advertising cookies - Targeting or Advertising cookies works on visits to our site and records them and help us to assume the market value of the site. It is very important when doing future site alterations

Cookies Segmentation

Own cookies - Own cookies are sent and stored on your web browser by our site itself and we are fully responsible for it.

Third-party cookies - These cookies are sent to your computer, tablet or smartphone by third- parties which are not connected to our site. They are sent to you by other parties who have obtained your data through the cookies.

Advertising & Cookies

In addition to our own cookies, some of our advertising partners use cookies to along with their advertisements and distribute them to users to gather information. Our site has no access and control over these cookies

How To Turn Off Cookies

If you are not interested or not enough clarification on using cookies you can switch off cookies for your web browser. But as mentioned above switching off cookies may cause poor functionality of the site and features on the site. Each web browser has a specific method to disable cookies and you have to follow the specific way according to your web browser to disable it. If you need a proper guide on disabling cookies visit the official support page of each browser.

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