YouTube Vanced - Root

Thanks to dedicated developers in the XDA community, we can reach thousands of newfangled apps for Android. So YouTube Vanced is such an amazing offer comes with several remarkable features as a result of improved iYTBP application known a few years back. However, the app capable to offer you everything similar that injected by developers by blocking some movements that put you in troubles for a better coverage. Here is the whole thing in briefly.

YouTube vanced with root permission

As notified, once you get root permission, there are tons of applications that open their doorway for Android users to set up. So there is a package of YouTube vanced as well that can only bring there when you become rooted. Keep in your mind that you are not allowed to establish the non-root toolkit on your rooted handset. Apart from support devices with root permission, there is another option for users with magisk root. So be cautious of your selection once you are unto download the package to enter the accurate package.

Download YouTube Vanced APK - Rooted

Download Theme/Theme Toggled Version Architecture MinimumAPI DPI Size MD5 Checksum
White/Black 13.43.50 arm64-v8a API17 nodpi 41.15 MB (43,153,730 bytes) a6fc5404369e371140fcefdba407195c
White/Dark 13.43.50 arm64-v8a API17 nodpi 41.15 MB (43,153,710 bytes) fc0ddbe1e683bebae68ffdf4601b82c8
White/Dark 13.43.50 armeabi-v7a API17 nodpi 39.19 MB (41,091,754 bytes) 1bca495c9df560916334c0f5999e8e17
White/Black 13.43.50 armeabi-v7a API17 nodpi 39.19 MB (41,091,774 bytes) 9b031f848121c9f5096d969327a64b62
White/Dark 13.43.50 x86 API17 nodpi 42.47 MB (44,532,846 bytes) 0f981aaa433eb6d8ec8e405b98abbfab
White/Black 13.43.50 x86 API17 nodpi 42.47 MB (44,532,866 bytes) d5f3fe026b8af561afe74d918eaf6bc0
White/Dark 13.43.50 x86_64 API17 nodpi 41.83 MB (43,861,618 bytes) 4382fa4ab187759565787220bc4a7995
White/Black 13.43.50 x86_64 API17 nodpi 41.83 MB (43,861,638 bytes) cfdef83f3e61103574bd43290f3fc326
White/Dark 13.37.52 arm64-v8a API17 nodpi 39.52 MB (41,434,834 bytes) 993e2f57b0658808c3accc86e8c11579
White/Black 13.37.52 arm64-v8a API17 nodpi 39.52 MB (41,434,822 bytes) 57597c9bb3e3cfd81202398e429f65a3
Installer files

How to Install

  • Navigate to the official site of YouTube Vanced
  • You can find out the link there which available as "root"
  • Send the loaded file to downloads panel in your microchip or else to the installation zip package
  • Now you can directly reach the Play store and remove all You Tube updates there right away
  • Moreover, disable the option arranged as the auto update before you leave
  • And then put the device into custom recovery (It is like when you set TWRP)
  • Finally, flash the installer via TWRP

Don't forget to uninstall the YouTube updates and disable auto-update in the Play Store as well. This updated version of YouTube will overwrite the system files of Vanced software so, even if you installed the app successufully, it won't work as you expected.


YouTube Vanced is the best alternative to official YouTube app and that available for Android Smartphone and Tablet. Throughout, users can enjoy watching TV shows, movies, songs, previews, step guides and so on whatever in an advanced manner. When it feels troublesome surround advertisements in the formal application, there you have a great option offered by Team Vanced. If you are a Smartphone user with root permission, there is nothing to anxiety. While there are three separated suggestions as root, non-root and magisk; be sure that you are with the accurate download.

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