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Have you have ever tried Youtube Vanced? a popular modded version of Youtube application then, microG APK cannot be a strange application for you. It allows users to use the modded Youtube application along with your original youtube account. Have you ever thought why you need to install microG APK on your Android device to be able to use Youtube Vanced? Let's find out what is microG although you are familiar or not with Youtube Vanced.

What is microG

microG is a free and open source program to accept applications developed for Google Play Services to work on systems, where Google Play Services is not available. If you're not using Google Apps on your Smartphone, we're sure that this tool might be an effective tool for you. This is a strong tool to retrieve your secrecy while working with the core features of Android.

microG APK was created by Marvin W who presents as MaR-V-iN in XDA developers and it is under progress. But it is a very useful software for people who are running without Gapps.

microG APK Direct Download

Technical Background Of microG

As you already know, Android is always said to be the most popular open-source mobile operating system in the world. But do you know that Android is on the way to become closed-source software? Have you ever noticed it? Google play service which was mentioned above is the best example for it. In the beginning, Android was released as an open-source mobile operating system and source code was free to change and modify. But now Google only releases the core of the operating system under the Android Open Source Project (AOSP) and most of the core apps are not released as a part of the Android Open Source Project.

The intention of not releasing the core app is to locking the third-party apps installation. Google uses its core apps as pre-installed apps and provides a number of libraries and API to prevent third-party apps installations. The mechanism warns developers silently, it is better looking at Android without touching it. As a slap for this insulting, Android modding community (XDA) developed micorG as a free open-source software replacement for Google's proprietary core libraries and applications.

microG APK Components

  • Service Core - Works as a library app and help to run apps that use Google-Play-Services or Google Maps Android API. This app is also known as GmsCore. It does not contain bloatware and works on test emulators, real devices and virtual mobile infrastructure as free and open source
  • UnifiedNlp - UnifiedNlp refers to Unified Network Location Provider. It works as Google’s network location providing Wi-Fi and geolocations to the applications
  • Phonesky - Works as a store and allows users to acess the Play Store to download applications and update when necessary. But it is still in under progress.
  • GsfProxy - Allows app developers to use compatible Google Cloud Messaging service included in GmsCore for apps which developed for Google cloud to device messaging

Google Play Services

Google Play services are developed by Google LLC and available for Android, Android TV and Wear OS. This work as a proprietary background service and API (application programming interface) package for Android devices. A proprietary software refers to software in which source code is kept under the authority of software's publisher or another person based on intellectual property. It means it is a contrast to "Open-Source Software" and called "closed-source software". The software comes as non-free software. Google announced the initial release of Google-Play-services in 2012. Currently, Google Play services 17.1.22 functions as the latest version of service.

Services In Google Play Services

  • Game Services - It helps app developers to enhance their relationships and share experince with friends and the public. Also, it allows app developers to sync game saves on Google's cloud infrastructure using saved games API. In addition to these functionalities, it provides Location API to adapt the functionalities of the device according to geographical changes.
  • Map API - allow users to use Google Map and street view at once without using another application.
  • Drive Android API - Allow users to use Google Drive as storage providing easy look up and synchronization
  • Cast API - Allow Android users to view their content in Android device on TVs.
  • Google Mobile - Integrates advertisements on applications letting users have simple monetizations
  • Google Wallet - Allow users to buy goods and services paying from Google wallet instantly
  • Fit API - Tracks the health condition of the users

What Are Gapps (Google Apps)

As mentioned above, Gapps refers to Google apps. There several Gapps and perhaps you may have some of them already now on your device. Gmail, Play Store, Google calendar and many more. Usually, you get these apps when you buy your device. But you have to install them yourself if you have flashed a custom ROM on your device when necessary

Google updates Google Play services automatically using the Play Store if your device has the application installed.

Why Are People Running On No-Gapps

Android users tend to avoid Google-Play-services due to privacy concerns regarding Google.Google Privacy changed in 2012 enabling the company to use users data for various services and third- party websites. Users highly criticized and tended to strike Google-play-services. Instead of Google Play services, users tend to use open source replacement such as microG APK and F-Droid. In addition to security reasons, Google-Play-Services said to be the main reason to quick battery drains. So, users try unofficial open-source alternatives such as microG APK.

Final Word

It seems Android is going beyond the intention it was dedicated to putting all the Android users in risk. So, all users need a successful solution. MicroG APK is a very helpful and successful replacement for Google-play-services to have benefits of the core part of the Android system without depending on Google Play services.

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