YouTube Vanced Non-Root

Youtube Vanced is the best ever modified application for those who love to watch videos and so on devoid of further troubles. It is known as iYTBP with its initial release and that taken by team vanced, for further enrichment. Though it famed as a root-only app, you too can start deal even you are a non-root user. Since advertisements are the most troublesome issue that bothers us when we start to use YouTube. Moreover, there are some further options such as Background Playback too that made the best method to get connect to YouTube. New users can find instructions for installation and download links from this page.

YouTube Vanced APK for Non-Rooted Devices

This is a special creation for non-root users that can set up on their Smartphone for further uses. This app capable of work based on any device model even it does not contain magisk or root permission. Since this app contains every single feature that comes behind the official utility. Thus, it is not an illegal application while it just removes advertisements and those troubles come through. As it comes as an APK, no need to get the support of a computer for the installation. Moreover, there is no any requirement of creating a special account or become a member. All you have to do is simply install the app and start function. Also, YouTube Vanced root version can be found on "Root" page.

Non-Root Downloads

Download Theme/Theme Toggled Version Architecture MinimumAPI DPI Size MD5 Checksum
White/Black 13.43.50 All API17 nodpi 77.16 MB (80,912,113 bytes) c3c86e039574d4d305690a557dbc9da8
White/Dark 13.43.50 All API17 nodpi 77.16 MB (80,912,097 bytes) dd6a0057d4a9f6c5079f9fcdbd9a8874
White/Dark 13.37.52 All API17 nodpi 72.42 MB (75,937,157 bytes) 3fe3ff2ee71e090271e10bf772de7c26
White/Black 13.37.52 All API17 nodpi 72.42 MB (75,937,149 bytes) 31e0fdcefd9e53082d2d0707f0721876
White/Pink (Bonus) 13.34.50 All API17 nodpi 51.69 MB (54,195,932 bytes) d4a8fc950786f068a780d73fa65f12b0
White/Blue (Bonus) 13.34.50 All API17 nodpi 51.69 MB (54,195,928 bytes) c39d53f4991e1fa0beb0b146f63bf754
White/Dark 13.34.50 All API17 nodpi 57.06 MB (59,830,927 bytes) 51d901e2cf827de698130780037dcaf9
White/Black 13.34.50 All API17 nodpi 57.06 MB (59,830,911 bytes) 3d1c939c66b2b25ea3dc3e096349f9fa
White/Dark 13.32.52 All API17 nodpi 59.79 MB (62,698,949 bytes) cafeddd987d76c3df481ae948d2cd584
White/Black 13.32.52 All API17 nodpi 59.79 MB (62,698,929 bytes) 090620c9ca1422617c8f98ba59eae18c

Download MicroG APK

If you need to connect your Google account with YouTube Vanced, you need to download and install MicroG on your device. If the MicroG is not installed, "Add account" button won't do any work.

Download Title Version Architecture MinimumAPI DPI Size MD5 Checksum
MicroG Vanced 0.2.4-81 All All All 2.68 MB (2,814,889 bytes) Unknown
MicroG Vanced (New) 0.2.4-105 All All All 2.69 MB (2,823,561 bytes) Unknown

How to Install on Android

Here is the complete step guide to download and install the app on your Smartphone. Since there are three separated options to be downloaded as non-root, root, and Magisk, you must make certain that your selection is accurate.

  • Find and download the latest version of YouTube Vanced APK according to your device architecture from the below download links.
  • Once you downloaded YouTube vanced apk, Install the application as you normally would.
  • Since there are some issues with login to the app, you are required to set up MicroG.

YouTube and YouTube Vanced

Apparently, there is no any difference between these two apps. But, when we come to the special suggestions of team vanced, block ads and background playback are the features that can highlight. In the very commencing stage of the utility, its developer Master_T promised that the third-party YouTube contain all similar functionalities of youtube while comprising those few amazing supports. So in recent times, YouTube Vanced has been taken the responsibility to endure it as a better tool.

By the way, we should thankful for the developer Master_T for developing a brave utility call YouTube Vanced. The best of the implement which is better to have the formal YouTube is it completely removes the bothersome touches of the official app to offer us an exciting support. From several features that it contained, ad blocking and background playback are the highlighted ones that often discuss. Since advertisements are the marketing feature on YouTube, it is hard to ignore them when we start the search through. Therefore, YouTube Vanced APK give you a perfect method to watch everything you like devoid of any concern.

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