Vanced Manager 2.6.0
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In a nutshell, Vanced Manager APK is intended to eliminate the complicated procedures that are required when installing YouTube Vanced. This is similar to the Magisk Manager, which is designed to flash Magisk Su updates without requiring a visit to custom recovery every time. We've also used Topjohnwu's libs for rooted operations.

Why did we create this app? Because YouTube now only distributes APKs, which are collections of.apk files. They can accelerate development in this manner. As a result, we were forced to adopt the same policy as the government. So, we have decided to use another app called SAI (Open-source project) for installation.

As you are aware, this step taken by us is somewhat frustrating for everyone because you are required to perform some complex task. Regardless of the fact that proven guides are published in our Reddit forum to learn how the new method works. People, however, fail to follow.

That is where we came up with the idea of creating Vanced Manager, which could be the ultimate solution for all of our users' needs. Updates can be installed, YouTube Vanced can be uninstalled, MicroG can be updated, and so on. It contains a lot of useful features.

Application Vanced_Manager
Version 2.6.0
Size 4.33 MB
Developer X1nto
Updated on April 01, 2021

Download Vanced Manager APK Latest Version

Many third parties are attempting to publish our app by packing it into an APK using SAP (Split APKs Packer). However, you can easily install them this way, but there may be hidden codes in it that compromise your privacy or steal your data. This is another case in which we decided to provide an official solution.

Official Vanced Manager provides simple updates, a better user interface, a positive user experience, and many other benefits. Most importantly, you do not need to visit any untrustworthy websites in order to download the YouTube Vanced app. Everything will be handled by the most recent manager.

Features of Vanced Manager

Ad Blocking – Using this function, we can watch videos without being interrupted by advertising. The team was able to block all types of advertisements, including those embedded in videos, search results, and the watch page. Even so, there is progress in the area of going for home advertisements.

Background Playback – This feature allows you to listen to the video you're watching even when the screen is turned off. As a result, you can listen to your favorite music or podcasts while working on another app or locking the phone.

PiP –PiP mode is supported, which is only accessible to YouTube Premium users. It allows you to multitask while doing other things like searching and watching videos. To use this feature, you must have Android 8.0 (Oreo) or higher.

Swipe Controls –By swiping on the phone, you can adjust the volume and brightness. It's the same as any other video player on the market.

Preferred Video Resolution and Speed –Regardless of bandwidth strength, you can set your desired Video Resolution to only play videos in that resolution. The same can be said for the speed features. You can also have different Wi-Fi and mobile settings.

Force VP9 Codec – To improve video quality, the VP9 codec is used. By putting pressure on it, you will get the highest output possible.

SponsorBlock – You will save millions of minutes by skipping promotional material, intros, outros, and reminders with SponsorBlock.

Advantages of Vanced Manager

  • Updates – Real-time updates from the developers
  • Simple Installation – Installing YouTube Vanced and MicroG is as simple as it has ever been.
  • User-friendly UI – Beautiful and fluid material design.
  • Push Notifications – Notify you of new messages from the developer via push.
  • Accent Color – A Variety of Colors Are Available Blue, Red, Green, Yellow, and Green are among the colors.
  • Custom Update Channel – You can enter a custom URL to receive updates, but we recommend using an official channel.
  • Themes- Light and Dark. It also detects the system theme and sets it automatically.
  • Small- It is small in size (less than 5 MB) and does not consume a lot of resources.
  • Changelogs – You can read the Vanced changelogs.

How to Download and Install Vanced Manager APK on Android?

STEP 1: Download Vanced Manager latest stable version from the above link.

STEP 2: It will now begin downloading to your Android device. Please allow some time for it to download completely.

STEP 3: Navigate to the file manager and locate the APK file. It is usually found in the downloads folder.

STEP 4: Finally, tap on it. If you are new to this installation procedure, you will be asked whether you want to allow unknown sources or allow this source.

STEP 5: Please allow it. Return to the APK file location, and then install Vanced Manager APK on your Android.

STEP 6: Open the app after you have completed the installation without any errors.

Notice: To install our apps properly, MIUI users must disable the MIUI optimizations in the developer options.

How do you use it on a non-rooted Android?

When compared to the rooted method, the non-rooted method is simpler, but it does require MicroG to be installed in order to sign in with your Google account. For your information, this process also works on a rooted Android device.

STEP 1: Launch the Vanced Manager application.

STEP 2: Tap the Install button to the right of the MicroG. As a result, it will now begin downloading an APK file from the secure server.

STEP 3: You may be prompted to enable unknown sources in a security window. Make certain that this is enabled.

STEP 4: Install MicroG and wait for a successful message.

STEP 5: At this point, you can install YouTube Vanced. Right next to the logo, press the Install button.

STEP 6: Choose a theme variant, such as Light+Dark or Light+Black.

STEP 7: Choose the language you want to use.

STEP 8: Download and install YouTube Vanced on your Android.

STEP 9: Open it.

STEP 10: Log in using your Google account.

Let's use on a non-rooted Android device?

The Rooted approach is more difficult than the above method since it involves using Xposed Module or Lucky Patcher to disable signature verification. You are welcome to perform if you have sufficient knowledge of the technical aspects.

The only benefit of this approach is that you won't need to install MicroG because YouTube Vanced will access your accounts via Google Services. Aside from that, there isn't much of a difference.


Vanced Manager, on the other hand, is a much-needed app in this situation for quick installation and developer updates. Many more new features are in the works for the Teams Hub. For more details, please enter our Discord server and Reddit forum.

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